Chairman Message

CA Ashwini Sawrikar
ICAI Muscat Chapter

"Chartered Accountants were the first accountants to form a professional accounting body, initially established in Scotland in 1854." …………………………………………………… (Source: Wikipedia).

This precious and timeless legacy of over 165 years is certainly something we as Chartered Accountants should be proud of. At the same time, it puts a huge amount of responsibility on us to carry forward and enhance the importance of our profession. Today the profession is facing challenges due to global volatility and its role is increasingly being questioned due to corporate frauds of significant magnitudes.

Consequently, the future is uncertain with newer risks that are showing up on the business front and furthermore, we are likely to have repercussions due to Artificial Intelligence causing a change in our role in the future.....

Welcome to The Muscat Chapter of the ICAI

ICAI Muscat Chapter was established in the year 2008 under the sponsorship of College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS) by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by two bodies for the development of accounting profession in Oman and sharing knowledge and skills.

The MOU was recently renewed in December 2016 for further five years under specific authorization given to the ICAI by the Indian council of ministers.

The Chapter operates as a non-profit group of Indian Chartered Accountants who...