Past Events

Sr. No. Date & Day Time Subject Faculty Regn. Fees CPE Hrs.
1 Wednesday,17-09-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS Muscat.) Personality development and leadership skills on 17-Sep. 2018 Chandna Nalin Kumar Free for members since Chapter collects annual membership towards fees for CPE events 2 Hrs.
2 Wednesday,28-08-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS Muscat) IFRS-15 Revenue from contract with customers CA Robin.K.Paul Free for members since chapter collects annual membership towards fees for cpe events 2 Hrs.
3 Wednesday,15-08-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS Muscat.) Robotic process automation (RPA) Mohamed Nayaz Free for members since Chapter collects annual membership towards fees for CPE events 2 Hrs.
4 Wednesday,01-07-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS, Bausher) Frauds in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Era Changing Dynamics of Anti Fraud Controls CA Mubin Khan FREE for members 2 (Two)
5 Wednesday,18-05-2018 10 AM (Venue : Salalah Port salalah) Disaster Recovery and Data Base Management CA. D. Jagannathan Nil 3 Hrs.
6 Wednesday,12-05-2018 09 AM (Venue : Bank Muscat Auditorium, Airport Heights, Seeb) Tiding over Turbulent times - Key Competencies for Finance Professionals As per Inside Circular Nil 4 (Four)
7 Wednesday,05-05-2018 10 AM (Venue : Jindal Shadeed Falaj Al Qabail Sohar) GCC VAT & Withholding tax provisions CA Ram Chidambaram, CFO Jindal shadeed NIL 3
8 Wednesday,24-03-2018 10 AM (Venue : Jindal Shadeed Community Hall, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman) Indian & Oman Budgets and IFRS Update CA. A.V. Manoharan and CA. Shanwaz Khan Nil 4 Hrs.
9 Wednesday,23-03-2018 10 AM (Venue : Salalah Port Services Salalah, Sultanate of Oman) Contract Management and Tax Haven & Offshore banking system CA Reginald H. J. Rosario and Mr. Prasanth Nair V NiIl 4 Hrs.
10 Wednesday,21-03-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS, Bousher (Sultanate of Oman)) Payment Landscape CA Hansel Barboza NIL 2 Hrs.
11 Wednesday,28-02-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS, Bausher) Indian Union Budget 2018 CA. A V Manohar Chief Finance Officer, Oman & Emirates Investment Holding Co. SAOG NIL Two
12 Wednesday,23-02-2018 10 AM (Venue : Salalah Port Services Co SAOG Salalah Port Training Centre Salalah) Investment Opportunities & Indian Union Budget 2018 AS PER INSIDE CIRCULAR NIL 4
13 Wednesday,14-02-2018 18 PM (Venue : CBFS, Bausher ) Risk Management & Risk Culture Ms Susan Daniel, Director of Risk & Compliance, State General Reserve Fund Nil 2 (Two)
14 Wednesday,30-01-2018 17 PM (Venue : CBFS, Bousher (Sultanate of Oman)) Innovation and Creativity Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani Dean, College of Banking & Financial Studies Nil 2
15 Wednesday,26-01-2018 08 AM (Venue : Muscat Holiday Hotel, Al Khuwair) Annual IFRS Seminar CA. Robin K. Paul Delloitte, Mr. Arqam Ayubi Crowe Horwath, CA. Shahnawaz Khan Mr. Niall Mc Auliffe Grant Thornton RO 10 (Payable in advance or at venue) 6 (TBA)
16 Wednesday,15-01-2018 17 PM (Venue : Al Falaj Hotel, Ruwi) Dynamics of Inner Wealth CA. BK Brij Mohan Nil 2 (Two)
17 Wednesday,28-12-2017 18 PM (Venue : Al Falaj Hotel) Block Chain Technology & Bitcoins and its impact on financial world CA Siva Reddy Nil 2 Hrs.
18 Wednesday,23-12-2017 09 AM (Venue : Al Nahdha Resort) CA Family Day at Al Nahda Resort on 23 December 2017 Fees : RO 8 for Adults & RO 4 for Kids (Age 5-12 years) RO 8 for Adults & RO 4 for Kids (Age 5-12 years) .
19 Wednesday,16-11-2017 18 PM (Venue : CBFS Auditorium, Bousher) Overview of typical debt structures and accounting issues unique to oil and gas exploration and production companies CA. Dinakar Munipalli Nil 2 (Two)
20 Wednesday,25-10-2017 17 PM (Venue : CBFS, Bausher) Creative Effective Leaders and Teams Mr Ramit Nagyal . 2 Hours
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